Profit Clarity

Get really clear on your current income streams, where you're making money & what areas you want to continue focusing on (marketing, sales, and customer service).

In doing this, you'll be creating space to follow the remaining steps.

STOP jumping from one business idea to the next and “Creating" projects everywhere, but completing nothing.

Creation is fantastic, but right now you need to generate income & have time to focus on the one that will give you the most energy.

Spend some time looking at your current income streams & the energy you spend on each of them. Let's find the fastest path to cash for the next few months while you're re-designing.

This is an example of an unbalanced ratio of work to income. But it's also reflective of a lot of small business owners who are trying to create something new, and haven't been able to focus on one.

NOTE: If you have direct costs related to your services, subtract them from the total (these are Cost of Sales)

After completing this exercise, decide which part of your current business you can focus on to bring in the most income to your business with ease. This will give you the flexibility and freedom to move on to create your next project.

If you're a coach, consultant or service provider you may want to click here to review if you're charging the right rates for your business. This report also doubles as a basic “budget" document.


  1. Profit Clarity worksheet (download below)
  2. “Are You charging Enough" worksheet