Chances are you've been recently running around feeling sort of insane. Full of ideas and really getting very little done. Your business is suffering and you desperately crave building something new and successful.

But this time it would be nice to build it on your terms, with the knowledge you've gained from being a seasoned entrepreneur. I don't want you to have any surprises. So before getting started on the re-design of your business set aside time for the following:

  • Time to learn basic wordpress skills
  • Time to create surveys to collect data and analyze
  • Time to create an opt-in offer for your website (ebook, course, etc)
  • Time to look at Financial Data
  • Time to look at google analytics
  • Time to design new product offering (or finish one of products you've already created)
  • Time to pick new colors, fonts, design for your website
  • Time to create testimonials and talk to current clients about changes
  • Time to meet with your advisory panel at least once per week

Action to take: Grab a notebook or binder and let's get started.