Step One: Deciding on your Goal

There are two huge benefits running Holiday promotions can net you – increasing your income and generating new subscribers.

Creating a goal for your Holiday campaign is essential. If you want specific results, you need to create a specific plan for reaping those results.

You’ve done your research.

You’ve decided what type of promotion you are going to run. And how to put a unique twist on your offer to make it stand out (while still observing the parameters your research dictates).

You’ve even decided what methods you’ll use – and how you’re going to cross-promote your Holiday offer.

But what do you want it to do?

  • For you?
  • For your subscribers?

Step One: Deciding on your Goal

In order to be truly successful, your promotion has to do three things: Please you, delight your visitors and subscribers – and reach everyone you want it to reach.

These three remain constant “rules” no matter what other goals you have.

Holiday promotions are perfect vehicles for:

  • Growing your reach and attracting new list segments
  • Creating sign up incentives
  • Bringing in “extra” cash through paid offers
  • Rewarding subscribers
  • Delighting your affiliates

You can combine more than one of these goals – or focus solely on one specific goal. Your choice will dictate promotion types, methods, and promotion and sharing strategies.

But even while focusing on one particular Holiday, it should be just a part of your “Big Holiday Picture”. You need a calendar/schedule of promotions for select Holidays, spaced out more or less evenly over the coming year.

Your subscribers should expect promotions from you on significant Holidays. So consider carrying through the same types of promotions if your first one is successful – merely varying the theme.

Once you’ve decided what you most want your new Holiday promotion to do for you and your audience, it’s time to set up the conditions. Write them down.

Paid Offer

Reward or Sign-up Gift


How much do you want to bring in? $___________

This is a reward for:

This needs to attract:

Segment targeted:

Expertise level:

Time Period:

Beginning __/__/____

End __/__/____

Sign-up Time Period:

Beginning __/__/____

End __/__/____

Paid Upsell Time Period:

Beginning __/__/____

End __/__/____

What this will do for new sign-ups:

What this will give to those who accept the paid offer:


My goal is: ________________________________________________________