Pin it to Win it

Here we are again, the Holidays almost upon us – and it's almost too late to create Holiday promotions.

Not to worry. Just help yourself to these ten Holiday sales tips, and you should be able to quickly cash in on the season.

“Pin it to Win it”

  • One of the most popular types of Pinterest promotion during the last couple of years has been the “Pin it to win it” type contest, where you encourage people to pin photographs or graphics on certain topics on your “Pin it to win it” board – or create a board built around your product or product area.
  • One reason they are so popular: These contests are easy to create.
  • And people love showing off their own handiwork.
  • Start with displaying your own products and invite viewers to submit their own ideas or unique uses of your product in photo form. (You don't even have to give each person a prize: Just the promise of winning the “big one” is often enough to generate excitement.)
  • And remember to encourage your contestants to share your board, your contest – and their pin.