Make Your Holiday Promotions Feel Like Christmas

  • (Even when it's not Christmas, but another Holiday.)
  • Everyone and the kitchen sink are all out creating Holiday promotions – so put real thought into ways to make yours stand out.
  • Give away a holy-cow freebie: One that equals your paid product in value
  • Add an extra incentive to your already-great gift
  • Keep your promotions focused. It's tempting to pile on a miscellaneous bunch of free stuff for your subscribers – but that will de-value your offer, not add to it!
  • Make sure that whatever you add on truly enhances your main gift or product, raising the bar for your competitors and leaving your customers or new subscribers gasping with delight.

Get Started Right Away!

The next holiday is just around the corner. Don't just dream about your Holiday promotion – plan it and start taking action today.