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Getting started

Step 1:

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Select the course from your "My Course" page, and then select "Start Next Lecture".

You'll also notice on this page that you can see all of the lessons. Quickly move to any of the lesson by clicking on it. You don't need to go in the order that you see them. You can, but it's not a requirement.
Step 3: Navigation

As you go through the lessons, you'll see the course completion change on the left hand side (I really like that feature - it helps me to stay motivated to finish). And you'll see a similar bar on your "My Courses" page again when you go back to it later.


If the lesson has a video or pdf, you may see a download link directly below it (like the screenshot below)


If you have questions or comments anywhere throughout the course, login with your Facebok account to join the discussion.


If you don't like "auto play" videos, click on the item that looks like a gear (see image above). With the settings option open you can toggle on/off

  • Autoplay
  • Autocomplete
  • Type of video Html or Flash
  • the speed of your video


  1. Access the Facebook group for support from other members. Sometimes they can get back to you faster than I can.
  2. Watch to see if the chat bubble is on in the bottom right hand corner. If it is, I'm sitting at my computer and can help on the spot.
  3. Look in the knowledge base (on the Support page) for common questions. I'll keep building it up to be a more robust tool for you over the coming weeks, months and years.
  4. Send me a note, either on the support page, or by replying to an email I've sent to you. I'll reply as soon as I can (usually within 24 hours)

Interested in other courses?

Browse through the courses in the Portable Biz Club here, or send me a note anytime via the Support link above.