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Freelance with Fiverr

Your blueprint to fiverr freelancing

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Fiverr isn't just a place to sell underpriced services, or wacky singing birthday card videos (although they're a lot of fun, too). It's really grown up over the past few years & you can now start by selling a $5 and have add ons that can bring a single order up to $500.

Many Fiverr sellers are making their full time income, strictly from Fiverr.

In this course you'll learn how to structure your fiverr gigs to earn a healthy freelance income, get featured on Fiverr, drive regular traffic to your profile, and learn how to understand the traffic you're getting so that you can spot sales trends, and ultimately earn more as you Freelance with Fiverr

Your Instructor

Loralee Hutton
Loralee Hutton

Hi, my name is Loralee Hutton, creator of the 14 Day Product Challenge. A challenge that's run twice per year, since early 2013. I'm an online portable business advisor, and absolutely adore testing out tools, plugins and gadgets that make working online easier. You can find me at LoraleeHutton.com where I blog about running a portable online business and share what I've learned through mini-courses, workshops and resource guides. From time to time, I run live challenges (like this one), bringing together other like-minded entrepreneurs to “get stuff done".You may have recently seen my very first book release… “Info Product Complete", which mirrors the process we'll be going through in this live challenge.

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  Keep customers coming back
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  Growing your Fiverr freelancing business
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