Day 4 - Big Picture

You might be asking, “How does this product fit into the grand scheme of my business?"

“Is this product going to fit in with all of my offerings and future services?"

They're both really important questions, but I want to introduce an alternative thought.

Everything that you create is uniquely you, infused with your personal style. If you've done the work of asking, “How can I help my client with one problem they're struggling with?" then anything that comes to you this week, is going to fit in with your business over the long term, assuming you still enjoy working with the same ideal client years from now.

Today I would like you to commit to the product you're going to create during this challenge.

If you're in the Facebook group, let me know in the Day-4 thread what your product is going to be. You don't need to have a name or catchy title yet. But share the idea with us, or someone today, okay?

After you've shared the main idea for your project, spend a bit of time creating the outline for your product, if you haven't already.

If creating an outline isn't something that comes naturally to you, try one of these two methods.

Post It Note Method

Step one, get some post it notes.

They can be all the same color or different colors. It doesn't matter. Find a large space on a wall, window, door or whiteboard. Write the problem you're going to solve on one post it note & put it high up on your wall/space. Then, write one thought related to this problem on another post it note. Add it to the wall. Then keep writing more thoughts, and more until you've written everything you can think about on this topic. Just put the stickies all over the wall in no particular order.

Have fun! Listen to some great music!

When you've exhausted all of your thoughts on this topic, pause. Take a step back & look at the notes. Congratulate yourself. And then start to group all of the similar topics together. You might have 4 or 5 groups. These will later become your chapters, or discussion points for one PowerPoint slide, or sections in your MP3 recordings. This is your framework for your product.

[Marketing Tip] take a snapshot and share it online with your community and us.

You might find later that some of the ideas don't fit at all. That's okay. Put those off to the side for now. Use the parts that make sense for this product.

Recipe Cards

If you don't like the post it note idea, and happen to have recipe cards or index cards. Try this:

Write one question or problem your customer is struggling with at the top of each recipe card. Then come back to each card and fill in some of the answers to each question. Write as much as you can on the card (in point form) and move on to the next one. Just keep going until you have written everything you can to help answer each of their questions or concerns.

These cards can be the title of each slide in a PowerPoint presentation later on, or the chapters/sections in your eBook. And most definitely will help you with the “sales page” later on.

Other ideas

Paint, draw or anything else that comes naturally to you!

If things aren't flowing naturally for you, consider looking at using the framework of PLR (private label rights) products. It's something I often use to create an outline & keep myself on track.

This might be enough work for you today! You should now have great outline for your project. If you feel inspired to fill in the blanks more, and move forward please feel free. Or pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

P.S. Please remember to share what product you are committing to creating during this challenge in the Facebook group or with your accountability partners. And share a snapshot of your brainstorm process with your online community. Keep the buzz going!

Day 4 Audio

To Do Today

  • Brainstorm/outline with one of the methods above
  • Share product idea
  • Share image on social media