Big List of Ideas

Below is a curated list of potential digital products you could create. A combination of Passive and Leveraged (we want to focus on Passive for this 14 Day Product Challenge)

Product Components for Passive Income:

● mp3
● Video
● Podcast Style
● PDF / Workbook / eBook
● Auto responder Series (video, email, audio)
● Apps
● Software
● Quiz/Assessments
● Art cards

Product components you might include with leveraged income:

● membership forums
● private coaching / VIP days


● Checklist
● Workbooks
● Templates
● Story telling in an interactive eBook (vs. "how-to" or straight info)
● How-to style eBook
● Interview or recorded coaching session (as a guide) with accompanying workbook for participants to do their own work
● Meditations
● Links to a music playlist on SoundCloud or (or other) that is combined with another medium
● Audio training program
● Video training program
● Video “how to”
● Recreate a live workshop (with audio / video & handouts) dripped through an auto responder over several days or weeks
● Auto responder email series over one week, or one month
● Recurring, but fixed term membership (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) that has no forum, but provides content over a set time period with a fixed end date
● Auto responder series that's self-directed
● Tarot Cards/Art Cards / Inspiration Cards

Other variations:

● Checklist + audio + workbook + eBook
● Video + checklist + workbook
● Favorite blog posts turned into eBook + video
● Meditation + workbook
● Interview recording / webinar + workbook
● Group of prerecorded audio + transcripts
● eBook (group of blog posts on similar topic with action steps or checklists)
● Music playlist online or link to a YouTube song (helps to handle copyright issues if you link to original musicians music) and exercises in a playlist
● Calendar (blank + example of completed one) + worksheets
● Templates + checklists + case study
● Tool kit + resource guide
● Quiz or assessment (like a personality test) + workbook or video app to track habits, food, health, money
● Software that solves a problem
● Podcast series that is open to the public, with paid workbook or video series
● FTM (fixed term membership) to deliver course content (a paid membership can be delivered by email auto responder, or hosted on a website)

Some common problems that need solving:

● Save time
● Save money
● Make money
● Increase happiness
● Improve relationships
● Improve health
● Gain something (muscle, prestige, friends)
● Reduce something (weight, stress, fear)