I'm often asked which productivity tools I use. And sometimes I'll be in the middle of trialing another tool, like asana, trello, producteev, but ultimately I'm better with pen and paper with just a touch of tech assistance.

At least, as long as I'm working on my projects alone..

I've used trello, asana, redbooth, pomotodo, todoist and probably a couple more..

But what seems to work best for me is a handwritten list of "to do's" and then using the chrome extension "Momentum" as my home screen. In the morning I add in a couple of things I'd like to finish today to the checklist on that page... and move on.

My paper system is really, really easy.... It's not a fancy book, or a bunch of random post it note.

I grab a small stack of looseleaf paper

As brilliant as online tools are, sometimes they're a bit of a procrastination for me.. I enjoy breaking it all down & setting dates, but then when I look at the huge list I become overwhelmed and don't really get anything done at all...

So, if you're feeling pressured to use an online tool to get organized, but really gravitate towards grabbing a pen and paper as thoughts pop into your head, consider leveraging both.