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teachable coupon

This is a small experiment to see how Vidinvision works on a blog post - I like the look of the player... try clicking the play button - it's just a short video I made about how to delete a coupon code, nothing special.


3 Simple Productivity Tools

I'm often asked which productivity tools I use. And sometimes I'll be in the middle of trialing another tool, like asana, trello, producteev, but ultimately I'm better with pen and paper with just a touch of tech assistance. At least, as long as I'm working on my projects alone.. I've...


Adding in social icons for following

Do you want to have social follow buttons in your author bio box? When I couldn't figure out how to get the social buttons to display in my school, I decided to add my own. In this post I'm sharing the code I used, so that you don't have to spend as much time with google as I did. NOTE: it's...